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Open Letter to the South Carolina General Assembly

December 19, 2010

While we do not claim to have all the answers, we are passionate about improving government and returning it to the Constitution.  We would appreciate it if you would consider legislation to address these concerns.

  • State’s Rights and nullification
  • Transparency in all South Carolina government (State and local)
  • Title VI of SC Code of Laws (comprehensive land use planning)
  • Reduced spending at all levels of government
  • Reducing debt
  • Reducing taxes
  • Illegal Aliens in SC

While very few legislators would argue that the federal government is within their constitutional authority, very few seem to have any real solutions.  We must take a stand, and take it soon, against the tyrannical overreaching arm of the federal government.  Liberty is at the breaking point and will be lost if delay remains the tactic that our State utilizes.

An educated look at history reveals the many failures of our federal governments approach to solving issues that belong to the States.  Among the most debated issues of the day are the environment, economy, healthcare, education, energy and security.  While I understand that security may be a national concern as in “National Security”, it is still the primary responsibility of State and local governments to keep their citizens secure. 


Through the use of the Department of Homeland Security individual States are handing over their sovereignty to the federal government.  When DHS steps into any State, it has preemptive power over all State and Local law enforcement.  Even the County Sheriff must submit to the DHS.  In fact, the Governor has no authority in the face of DHS.  This is not only constitutionally wrong, it is scary to consider.  The security of South Carolinians is the primary responsibility of our Governor, General Assembly and local Sheriff.  I understand that in the event of invasion or insurrection our State may need the assistance of other States and even the federal government, but they should never have the power over our own elected law enforcement, Legislative and Executive bodies.  


How much energy does our Nation use?  While it may be a play on words, our Nation uses no energy at all.  Individual States, local governments and people use energy.  Why therefore do we allow the federal government to dictate our energy policy in SC?  Why do we allow the federal government to dictate the building of nuclear power plants or oil production on our coast?  South Carolina should build whatever power plants are necessary to provide the energy needs that we have and even consider selling power to other States.  We should be drilling for oil off our coasts and refining that oil right here in South Carolina.  We have the SC DHEC that can regulate the safety and environmental aspects of our recourses, why should we comply with unconstitutional mandates of the EPA?


Turning over the education of our children to the federal government may be the largest mistake in our State’s history.  The U.S. Department of Education was created in 1979 with the stated purpose of “fostering educational excellence”.  One would assume this to mean obtaining higher graduation rates and higher scores on standardized tests.  That goal has been an abysmal failure.  The drop-out rates are the same, and in many cases worse than before the creation of the Department.  High school graduates are less prepared for college than before the creation of the Department.  Our children have been systematically dumbed down for the last 30 years to the point that many cannot even find their own State on a map.  The majority of graduates know nothing about our founding fathers and our Constitution.  Even fewer can balance a checkbook or communicate in proper English. 

Texas has recently introduced or passed legislation that tells the federal government thanks, but no-thanks.  They will decide what their schools will teach and what test the students will have to pass in order to graduate.

South Carolina should walk the U.S. Department of Education to the northern border and tell them not to return.  We have the South Carolina Department of Education and it should regulate our educational process.


We have all heard the propaganda that “our healthcare system is broken”.  I say bull-crap!  We have the best healthcare system in the world; evidenced by the powerful elite obtaining their major medical care here in the U.S.  What we have is a healthcare system that has become too expensive and burdensome to those that use it. 

We have lost the ability to communicate and make decisions with our doctors concerning the treatment of or illnesses and injuries.  Doctors now get their treatment orders from HMOs and insurance companies.  These third parties in our healthcare system came about because of rising costs of treatment. 

The rising cost of treatment came about from several factors including; frivolous lawsuits, extreme punitive awards, lack of competition in the health insurance industry and rising costs of treating an increasing illegal alien population that work without health insurance and at lower wages which leaves them without ability to pay.

If serious improvements in affordable healthcare are to be addressed, these primary issues must be addressed first.  We need legislation in South Carolina to address frivolous lawsuits.  A step in the right direction would be some form of “looser pays” legislation.  Capping of punitive damages awarded is also a must in order to reduce healthcare costs.  Creating Interstate Compacts between other States is a constitutionally binding way to create competition in the health insurance industry and the federal government cannot restrict interstate compacts between States.  No serious attempt to reduce healthcare costs can ignore the costs of medical treatment of illegal aliens in our State. 

A few years ago South Carolina created the strictest anti-illegal alien law in the Nation.  However, it was never funded.  It may take the entire legislative session to create an Arizona style law dealing with illegal aliens in South Carolina, but funding the enforcement of existing law can be accomplished the first week of the 2011 session. 

We understand that any legislation dealing with looser pays and capping punitive damages will bring out the trial lawyers association with threats.  We also understand that legislation dealing with illegal aliens will bring out the Camber’s of Commerce and the Agriculture Associations.  Our Legislators must draw a line in the sand and decide who they want to represent, but that choice will come with consequences by the voters if they decide special interests are more important than constituent interests.


The awakening of the voters has produced newfound knowledge concerning the economy.  We have learned it is not the role of constitutional government to create jobs and micro-manage the economy.  In our Free Market Capitalist system, government needs to get out of the way and allow business to succeed and fail on their own merit. 

We simply cannot afford to spend tomorrows income in order to “produce jobs” today.  This robbing of Peter to pay Paul economic plan is a recipe for disaster.  Our local governments and General Assembly have demonstrated their understanding of how tax incentives create interest in companies moving to a specific County or into our State.  One problem with the current system of selective tax incentives is, a small group of elected people get to choose who gets these sweetheart tax deals and who doesn’t.  This is a Petri Dish for corruption and gamming the system.  Existing businesses and the taxpayers have to make up the lost taxes that are given to selected businesses and corporations. 

Since County Councils throughout our State and the General Assembly understand the connection between taxes and businesses, it would make sense to lower all taxes equally for all businesses in our Counties and State.  They would however have to give up their power and influence in the Free Market system and risk losing support from special interests such as Chambers of Commerce.  Once again, our Councilmen and Legislators must draw a line in the sand and decide who they want to represent

It only makes sense that a business looking for a place to locate, and observes South Carolina as a stable, low tax, non-government-interference State, would choose us rather than a State that constantly plays games with business taxes and special interest groups.  The great myth about corporate taxes is being exposed.  Corporations do not pay any tax; they simply collect tax for the government and pass it down as higher costs to the consumers.  Individuals pay all taxes and they are too high.


Today’s environmentalist was yesterday’s communist.  The liberty activists are becoming keenly aware that the fall of Communism was not the death of Communism.  Like all God hating evil, Communism simply dwarfed into something more palatable; environmentalism. 

Communism is a belief that the good of the whole is more important than the good of the individual.  It also fosters a belief that everyone should be equal in all aspects.  With that in mind, take a close look at the agreement that came out of the United Nations meeting in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.  By the inspired leadership of President Regan, Communists had to retreat from their bold attempts to conquer the world.  By 1992 they came up with a new plan to implement World control in the form of environmentalism.

The United Nations Agenda 21 is a complex plan bringing ecological, economic and social justice to all Nations.  When President Clinton lost control of the U.S. Senate and could not ratify a Treaty designed to implement the agenda, he signed Executive Order 12852.  This Executive Order on Sustainable Development created a mandate to every State which imposed much of the UN Agenda 21 policies.

In turn, South Carolina passed Title VI of the Code of Laws giving each County and City the authority to enact ordinances implementing the agenda.  While many people focus on wars, healthcare, energy and other issues, this liberty destroying agenda is being executed literally in our back yards.      

Many Counties and even our State are now considering ordinances and Laws to enact International Building Codes and Regulations.  For the love of God, please explain to me why anyone from any other country would be concerned with the construction of my home?  This is another obvious attempt at economic and social justice. 

Title VI of the South Carolina Code of Law needs to be repealed this year.  Anything less will be a band-aid approach.  The citizens of each County elect Councilmen to govern the affairs and administration of the communities and County.  They do not need International Law, Sustainable Development Regulations and Agenda 21 in order to decide the width of the streets we drive on, the square footage of our homes, mandated fire sprinklers in our homes, allowable energy consumption of their heating and air conditioning and how much insulation they must have. We certainly do not need outside influences telling us that we must have bike trails and light rail systems to reduce automobile usage and pollution.  

Reduced Spending at All levels of Government

I would recommend Equal Employment ACT legislation.  This legislation would require every department of government, local and State, to determine the number of employees on government payroll and document those numbers.  After determining the number of employees, it would require government employee positions to be cut to equal the official unemployment numbers and adjusted quarterly, semi-annually or another specified period of time.  The next phase of the EEACT would mandate that government employees be paid equally as compared to private sector employees.  This would require retirement benefits, healthcare insurance, vacation and all other benefits to be calculated into the equation to determine the actual income of the public employee.

This type of legislation would not only reduce government spending by eliminating public sector jobs, it would reduce the number of people looking to get onto the public sector career wagon.  We know that unfunded public employee retirement costs is a major issue facing South Carolina and this would be a step in the right direction to reduce those unfunded expenses.  It would also create an attitude of joint hardship between public and private sector workers.  This would be beneficial in the long-term support from public employees for fiscally sound economic policy in South Carolina.   

Reducing State Debt

Considering the millions of acres of land owned by the State and federal governments, a serious look at liquidating some government owned land should be considered as an option for paying down our State’s debt.  We understand that even considering this idea will cause the environmentalist to lose their composure, but what good is land if we cannot pay our debt and indenture our children’s future to confiscatory tax burdens.  A close look should also be given to taxing land that is held in private conservancy.  Once land is placed into land trusts with charitable organizations it is removed from the tax roll.  This causes a shift in the tax burden to private property owners.  Churches and Faith Based organizations should have to shoulder the tax burden for land and property as well.  Maybe this would cause them to get off their lazy rear ends and join the fight against unconstitutional government.

Reducing Taxes

It has been proven that reducing taxes spurs economic growth as well as increasing overall tax revenue to the State.  The more money businesses and taxpayers keep, the more they spend and invest.  This would also help reduce unemployment.  It also allows people to become more generous to charitable organizations helping those less fortunate.  In fact, 100% of charitable donations should be made tax deductable.  If this were done, governmental assistance could be slashed considerably and would further reduce spending.  With each percentage point of reduced spending, a half percent should be cut in taxes.  This policy would provide for a rapid reduction in State debt.  Once the debt is less than a predetermined level, taxes should be reduced to equal the necessary spending.

Although Lindsey graham stated that the “Tea Parties” don’t have any sound ideas to govern our State and Nation with, will you have the courage, conviction and fortitude to independently study these concerns and ideas and then lead the way to a return of true liberty in our State?  I do not expect you to act on concerns and ideas alone, but I do place on you a reasonable expectation to research these issues and ideas and communicate with us a plan of action to address them.

I will place some links to study recourses below for your convenience.



Harry Kibler

Founder, RINO Hunt


Study recourses;

The Tenth Amendment Center

United Nations Agenda 21


Report of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development


Executive Order 12852 - Presidents Council on Sustainable Development


Land owned by the Federal Government




News Letter

Year in Review

November 22, 2010

     Iwill be using a different format for this newsletter.  In this edition, there are sections on National News, State News, County News, as well as RINO Hunt News.  It will be a long newsletter but I think the information contained will be of value to our readers.  Where applicable, I will have links that will validate my statements.  This will also be the first newsletter that has an attachment.  The reason will be made clear as you read the information below.

National Level News

Jim DeMint -

     Jim DeMint made headlines by endorsing and campaigning for conservative candidates during the 2010 election cycle.  Many, if not most of his choices were successful in their elections.  Senator DeMint has continued voicing his desire to change Washington by garnering the necessary votes to ban earmarks in the coming year.  At first, many longtime Republicans warned that it was not a good idea to ban earmarks and that it would hurt Republicans in their home districts when it came time for them to be reelected.  But the tide is changing.  Senator Mitch McConnell, now serving his fourth term, and widely known as the Senate’s staunchest fan of earmark spending has changed course and is now supporting DeMint’s earmark ban.  McConnell stated on the Senate floor, "Old habits aren't easy to break, but sometimes they must be broken".  A new day at Capitol

What are Earmarks -?

     Earmarks are a way for legislators to funnel our tax money into special “pet” projects that benefit the people of their home district.  Most legislators vote in favor of earmarks to ensure that their requested earmarks also get approved.

Why do legislators desire earmarks -?

     By gaining earmarks for their districts, a legislator ingratiates himself to the voters of his district.  This can be done by “creating” jobs or assisting non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in their mission.  Although the Constitution does not give government the responsibility of job creation or assisting organizations reach their goals, the use of earmarks makes it more difficult to replace a legislator because of the ties that have been made with special interest groups that will continue to their support as long as the legislator delivers the money.

Bob Inglis -

     Bob Inglis was one of only two Republican Congressmen that lost their seats in the 2010 primary elections.  In September of 2009 Congressman Inglis held a town hall meeting at a Fuddruckers restaurant in Greenville, SC.  During the meeting many of his constituents made their concerns with his representation know to him.  While he explained his record of representation, several frustrated constituents from RINO Hunt demonstrated outside the restaurant.  When asked by a NPR news reporter about the demonstration outside, Bob stated that he was not concerned and that by the primary elections cooler heads would prevail.  NPR Story September 2009

Inglis; Chairman of “The Loser’s Club”

     After reading the most recent NPR story, and listening to the audio of the interview I don’t think Congressman Inglis understands what really happened or why he lost.  In the interview, Inglis mentions several things that make it clear that the people in his district made the right choice to bring him back home to work in the private sector.  Inglis defends his record and rejected the notion that he was not sufficiently conservative.  He also defends his belief in the “science of climate change”.  He makes his opinion quite clear that we don’t have a “God given right to drive SUVs” and that when the oil supply runs out we will send other people’s children to die in the Middle East for their oil.  He states that Teddy Roosevelt was a real conservative and indicates that he is similar to Roosevelt.  He defends his unwillingness to label Obama as a socialist because he doesn’t believe it is true.  He continues to ridicule anyone who questions Obama’s citizenship and connection to the Muslim faith.  Inglis believes his constituents were just angry and worried about paying their mortgage, children’s tuition and jobs.  He thinks we need to work through these issues without looking for scapegoats.  When asked about his “political home” Inglis stated that eventually Republicans will come back to conservatism and away from populism.  He believes that the new Revolution will eventually burn out and that “ignorance is now seen as strength”.   Congressman Inglis stated that he feels like a moron because of losing his reelection and that he has become the Chairman of the Loser’s Club.  The interviewer also mentions Inglis’ Lifetime Voting Record with the American Conservative Union.  NPR Story November 2010

     Let’s take a look at some of Congressman Inglis’ statements.  Inglis touts his voting record as recorded by the American Conservative Union.  Many politicians enjoy the scorecards given by organizations such as the American Conservative Union, NRA, and Right to Life and yes, even the South Carolina Policy Council.  Most, but not all, of these organizations keep track of a politician’s votes on the single-issue that they follow.  As long as a politician votes in favor of gun rights the NRA will score them as conservative on gun rights issues.  As long as they vote against abortion issues the National Right to Life will score them as conservative on abortion issues.  I personally do not put a lot of weight on a politician’s endorsement by any of these organizations because the politicians have learned how to work the system to gain the endorsements they desire without actually bringing about the change in policy that the organization advocates.  Here is a quick example; how many of the politicians that have an “A” record on abortion rights have introduced a Bill that would ban abortions?  Is that crickets that I hear?  It gets awfully quiet when it comes to legislation to make real change in the areas that single-issue organizations advocate.   However, it does sound good for radio and television advertisements.  I wish we had an organization that tracked voting records compared to our Constitution.   In fact, Congressman Inglis didn’t even know about a Bill that has been introduced in Congress for many years that would require every Bill to show where it has constitutional authority before it can be voted on.  YouTube Video  Congressman Inglis continues in his belief of manmade climate change even after thousands of pages of damaging data was released showing the data was manipulated to show the desired results of the organizations; organizations that are pushing “Climate Change” legislation such as a Carbon Tax.  Since Inglis doesn’t think we have a God given right to drive a Sport Utility Vehicle, I wonder who he thinks gave us that right?  Maybe he thinks that right came from government and government can take it away when it sees fit to do so.  I wonder what other rights Inglis thinks come from government.  Inglis believes Teddy Roosevelt was a conservative when actually he was a leader of the Progressive Movement.  Roosevelt worked hard to bring new regulation on businesses just like our government is doing today.  Maybe Inglis is like Roosevelt after all.  Starting in 1907 eugenicistsin many States started the forced sterilization of the sick, unemployed, poor, criminals, prostitutes, and the disabled.  Roosevelt said in 1914: "I wish very much that the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding; and when the evil nature of these people is sufficiently flagrant, this should be done. Criminals should be sterilized and feeble-minded persons forbidden to leave offspring behind them."  Roosevelt Info  Does this sound like a conservative to you?  Maybe Hitler was also a conservative in the mind of Inglis.  Concerning Inglis’ views on foreign oil, maybe he should have advocated for the drilling of oil on our own soil and off our coasts instead of giving allegiance to the environmentalists that hate our way of life and the freedom we have.  Since Inglis refuses to label Obama as a socialist and doesn’t believe he is one, I wonder what he would call someone he witnessed stealing.  Mr. Inglis; we have all witnessed Obama’s socialist agenda and we don’t like it.  Inglis obviously missed the point of the new Revolution by thinking we are simply angry and worried about paying our mortgage, children’s tuition and jobs.  Actually, we are angry and worried that if left unchecked, the government will have all of us living in government subsidized housing, receiving government controlled healthcare, government funded higher education, and everyone working for the government.  Mr. Inglis; that is called Socialism and it is what Obama advocates!  Inglis doesn’t think we should look at who caused these problems or even the source of them.  “We shouldn’t look for scapegoats”.  We should just accept the fact that we have these issues and look for consensus in solving them.  I believe we must first identify who created the problems and remove them from public office and prevent them from serving in other places of public trust.  Then, we need to return to the principles outlined in our Constitution to maintain those liberties.  Based on his remarks that ignorance is now seen as strength and hoping that the Revolution will soon burn out; Inglis is counting on the Tea Party Revolution to go away.  By the actions of some in the Republican Party; I think they feel the same way Inglis does.  There were two things that I can agree with Congressman Clueless about, he is a moron and he will make a great Chairman of the Loser’s Club.  Welcome home Bob.  We wish you the best of luck in the private sector.

State Level News

     Here in South Carolina all eyes are on the budget shortfall expected in 2011.  With only a few new faces in our State Capitol, I don’t feel too confident.  Just last week, Speaker of the House, Bobby Harrell was reelected to serve as Speaker and Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Danny Cooper was reelected as Chairman. There are no substantial changes in sight in the SC Senate either.  Despite claims that our legislature lowered taxes and spending over the last years, total revenue brought into the Capitol was still increasing and no financial surpluses are to be found.  Is this what President Bush meant when he talked about fuzzy math?

     Now that the house is on fire and the fire truck is broken down, our State Legislature wants reform.  How timely!  Just last year many Senate staffers received very large pay increases and we had plenty of money to “create” jobs by giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the Boeing Industry to locate in South Carolina.  In fact, they even thought they had enough money to fund the building of a new retail mall in South Carolina.  Heck, our residential building contractors were so busy with new construction last year; State Senator David Thomas thought it was a good time to introduce a Bill requiring all new residential construction to install fire sprinklers, even though his Bill would have added tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of home construction.  Two years ago when the citizens of South Carolina told their Representatives and Senators that they should not accept the Federal Stimulus money, or, at least use it to pay down our State’s debt, we were told they knew what was best for us.  Trust us; we know what we are doing!  Yeah right. 

     How can a bunch of long-term, well entrenched politicians who are tightly joined at the hip with special interest groups and lobbyist reform anything?  They are the very people that put us in the mess that we are in.  That’s right; they know what they’re doing.  I keep forgetting about their collective wisdom.  These are the same politicians that explained to us that they had to use the stimulus money the way Obama told them to at the same time they were so carefully wording our State Sovereignty Resolution telling the Federal Government that it was violating States Rights.  I guess they didn’t want to hurt Obama’s feelings.  I just can’t understand why I am so cynical of these great leaders.

     If you really want to understand why South Carolina is in such dire trouble, look at the legislative tyranny that is held by our State Legislature; you know, those good ole boys that now want reform.  Of course the legislators are elected to their positions by the people in their district.  That’s the way it should be.  However, these legislators then appoint the majority of the Executive branch of our State government.  They also appoint the judges in our State Judiciary.  Are you beginning to see the tyranny?  The State legislature runs the whole kit and caboodle.  A system like this is the perfect recipe for disaster.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Our founding fathers warned us about concentrated power and what happens when it occurs.

     At least the citizens are represented; right?  Well, it depends on how you describe being represented.  If you think being represented means that you voice your desires to your representative or Senator and he or she then votes on issues the way you requested, you may be very disappointed.  How would you know if they voted the way they tell you they did?  Less than twenty five percent of the votes are recorded.  That’s right; you have no way of knowing how you are being represented most of the time.  When your taxes increase, I’m sure it was not your Representative or Senator that voted to do it.  It must have been those other liberal Senators.  When they choose to give millions of our money to certain businesses and special tax breaks to certain businesses, and it causes your employers taxes to increase to make up the difference and thereby eliminates your pay raises or the expansion of your company; it must have been someone else’s Representative that voted for it.  Your Representative and Senator are conservatives and would never pick and choose who the winners are in our free enterprise system of capitalism; would they? 

     Do you like the idea of a National Healthcare system, how about increased intrusions of gun rights and restrictions on free speech?  I’m sure your Representative and Senator don’t like it either.  But hey, what can they do about it?  They are required to implement what the Federal Government tells them to do; right?  Please study our Constitution so we can have that discussion intelligently.  When the original States came together to form the United States of America, they limited the power of the Federal Government.  This is outlined in Article One Section Eight of the U.S. Constitution.  The ninth and tenth amendments to the Constitution further clarified that all other power is reserved to the individual States and the people of those States.  Therefore, if the Federal Government oversteps their authority it becomes the duty of the States to stand between the people of that State and the power of the Federal Government.  This is the heart and soul of the States Rights argument.  Last year, our State Legislature passed a Sovereignty Resolution acknowledging an understanding of States Rights.  This year, let’s see if they intend to use those rights to protect the people of South Carolina from an out of control Federal Government.  My guess is not.  After all, these are the same guys that have been standing by watching as citizens are assaulted by an unconstitutionally overreaching Federal Government.

     Keep your ear open this year as our legislators proclaim they must “create” jobs and “stimulate” our State’s economy.  Tell them it is not their responsibility to create jobs or stimulate anything other than our freedom to get a job, and spend our money on the goods and services that we choose.  When we allow them to create jobs, the jobs will be created by giving special tax incentives to handpicked companies.  Those companies and their employees will contribute to the reelection of the very politicians that handed out the money.  When we allow legislators to stimulate the economy, they do it with our money.  Our message needs to be clear; get out of the way and let us stimulate the economy with the money that we will have in our bank accounts when you get out of private sector!  Let us speak with a loud voice; we want constitutionally limited government, plain and simple.  Their job is to protect the rights of the minority from the will of the majority.  If they want to stimulate the economy, they can start by reducing State spending by twenty five percent including their own salaries and the size of our State Government and then lowering or eliminating taxes and fees.  This will create an economy that will allow job creation in the private sector and create self sufficiency instead of Government dependency.  The next thing we need to tell our legislators is that we demand to know how they are voting on issues.  By doing this, it will reduce or eliminate wasteful spending and also hold them accountable for the budgets they approve and regulations they impose on the citizens.  The last thing will be the most difficult to accomplish.  We must disperse the power that the Legislative branch has over the other two branches.  The Governor should make appointments to the Executive branch with the advice and consent of the Senate.  He should also make judicial appointments in the same manor.  Because they have no desire to relinquish their power, it may take several election cycles of replacing tyrannical legislators to break the tyranny, but it must be done if South Carolina desires to grow and prosper as a State of free men and women.          

County Level News

     As property taxes continue to rise in Greenville County, salt has been rubbed into our wounds of financial hardship.  Our County Government was successfully sued by a citizen for violating State law.  Each Council member had an “expense fund” to be used in their district.  The amounts of the funds are $25,000.00 per Council member.  The Council member can use the funds however they see fit to use them.  The lawsuit was successful because all County expenses must be approved by a vote of the Council.  Our County Council has decided to appeal the ruling made by a Circuit Court Judge so they can continue this practice of spending.  This only cost the taxpayers $60,000.00 in a judgment by the court.  That does not include the cost the County had to spend defending their actions.  Nor does it include the expense to defend their actions by appealing the ruling.

     In the meantime, the Council has implemented a new tactic to avoid being held in direct contempt of a Judge’s order.  They now package all of their expense funds into a bundle called a “consent agenda” and vote on it as package of expenses.  Don’t be fooled, it is the same expenses as before, but now they can say they voted on the expenditures.

     You may be asking what types of expenditures are being paid with taxpayer funds.  Attached to this newsletter you will find a spreadsheet listing each member’s expenses.  Some of the items you will find are things like; payments to individual Incorporated Cities, individual fire departments, the South Carolina Association of Counties, Greenville County School District, the Greenville County Recreation Department, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department, payments to private organizations and charities such as the Phillis Wheatley Association, the YMCA, the Children’s Museum, United Way of Greenville, Greenville branch of NAACP, the Urban League of the South, United Negro College Fund and other private or charitable organizations such as local Chambers of Commerce.   

     You may choose to disregard some of these expenses because they are official County responsibilities such as Fire Departments, Sheriff’s Department and the Recreation Department.  Don’t be too fast to dismiss these expenditures.  These departments may be necessary, but they are already funded out of the general budget.  Check your property tax bill and you will find how much of your property tax is funding them.  So why would they receive additional funding?  

     Start thinking of these expense funds as County Earmarks and the answer will come into focus.  If the legitimate agencies and departments of Greenville County need additional funding to serve the citizens, why doesn’t the County Council simply increase the budget for the agencies?  By personally handing out the goodies, Councilmen like Congressmen and U.S. Senators, become the person responsible for meeting the needs, thereby ingratiating themselves to the entire agency.  When election time rolls around, these agencies fear the new Council member may not be as charitable.  How nice!  This makes it very difficult to replace a Councilman.  Could it be that’s what they want?

     Whatabouttaxpayer money being used to fund private organizations and charities.  Is this even legal?  If past experience repeats itself by citizen’s lawsuits, we may find out in the near future.  The bad news is, even if the citizens win through a Judge’s ruling, they still lose because they will ultimately pay both ends of the lawsuit as they did earlier this year.  The question that needs to be answered is not whether the private organizations and charities are worthy of assistance, but is it constitutional to use tax money collected to assist them. 

     Please check the attached spreadsheet to view your Council member’s expenses and then ask them to explain their decisions to you.  Collectively they are spending $300,000.00 of our taxes on County Earmarks.  I for one do not approve.  When you talk with your Council member remind them that no one is forcing them to participate in this scam.  They do not have to spend our money this way.  Consider showing up at the Council meetings and become a witness to the questionably legal, but unquestionably unethical spending habits of our local government.  Wasteful spending is not limited to Washington and Columbia; it is rampant right here in your back yard.

     Greenville County Council has already spent $400,000.00 on a Comprehensive Land Use Plan that they claimed is required by the State.  When 350 citizens showed up at the Council meeting last December to object to the plan, they removed the section that would have implemented the newly completed plan.  If the plan was required by the State or was worth the money that had already been spent, why not implement the plan and tell the citizens the same old story.  We didn’t have a choice, we had to do it.  This type of plan is not required by the State, but is allowed by the State if a County desires to implement it.  By the way, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan is mainly supported by Non-Governmental Organizations such as Upstate Forever and Greenville Spinners.  upstateforever   greenvillespinners  The stated goals of these and other organizations like them are to move our county’s populations into densely populated areas and then connect these areas with light rail systems and bike paths in order to reduce automobile usage and pollution.  They were instrumental in the creation of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  These organizations are also pushing for “Complete Streets” throughout Greenville County.  Complete Streets will require bicycle lanes and bus lanes on every County road at a huge cost to the taxpayers.  Do you want to ride a bus or a bike to work, or to shop for groceries, or go see a movie?  That is their goal.     

     Why is Greenville County Council giving County tax money to Incorporated Cities that already have taxing authority?  If these Cities need additional tax revenue why don’t they raise the taxes of the citizens in their Cities?  That wouldn’t be popular with their voters would it?  So, people outside of these Cities are sharing the burden for services rendered to City residents.  My mother taught me it was good to share, but I don’t think this is what she meant.

     The memberships and travel expenses to attend the South Carolina Association of Counties is a huge waste of tax money.  Ask yourself the question, what do they need to communicate so importantly with other County Council members about?  Are they discussing how to reduce county spending or lower taxes?  By the fact that taxes and spending are increasing, I think the answer is NO!  Most likely, they discuss how they successfully passed tax and spending increases and ordinances such as the Land Use Plans and other restrictions on private property rights so other Counties can learn to do the same things.  They may have even discussed how to avoid the Judge’s ruling on their slush fund expenditures.

     Greenville County Council meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.  There will only be one meeting in December and it will be held on the first Tuesday.  The meetings start at 6:00 p.m.  To find your County Council member’s contact info you can go to the County website hereand click on your Council member’s picture.  As Ricky Ricardo from the TV show “I love Lucy” used to say “they’ve got a lot of “splainin” to do”.

RINO Hunt News

     RINO Hunt began teaching Constitution classes in October.  We have around 70 people signed up for the classes and are still accepting new folks.  How can you be successful in the effort to restore liberty and constitutionally limited government if you don’t understand the principles of liberty contained in the constitution?  If you are interested in attending these classes or would like to have them in your area outside of Greenville please let me know.  Classes are now forming in the following counties; Spartanburg, Union, Pickens, Oconee, Anderson and possibly Laurens.  Learn what they didn’t teach you in school, and what they still don’t want you to know.

     RINO Hunt is expanding.  We recently received a request to start a chapter of RINO Hunt in Huntsville, AL.  Isn’t that appropriate, Huntsville.  The new chapter will kick off with having their first RINO Hunt meeting and teaching Constitution classes.  As soon as a schedule is in place I will head there to assist them in organizing their State chapter so they too, can hold elected Republicans and the Republican Party to the Party platform.    

     At our last monthly meeting we had a State Senator in attendance.  When I asked him how we could best help restore true conservative and constitutional principles in South Carolina he said “duplicate what you are doing here in the Upstate in other areas of the State”.  He went on to say, “Believe me, they know who you are and they are listening to what you are saying, but they are only hearing it from up here”.  If we can duplicate our efforts throughout the State we will in due time bring reform to South Carolina and be an example to other States as well.

     If you live outside of the Upstate of South Carolina and would like to discuss duplicating our efforts please contact me.  We will find mutual ground and work together.    

     Please visit www.rinohunt.netand join a truly conservative organization that is working to resist socialism, rebuild conservative government and restore our Constitution.  Please send this newsletter to your friends and family to help spread the word.  RINO Hunt season 2012 is here.  Now let’s get to work.



Harry Kibler

Founder, RINO HUNT




News Letter

Finish Line or Starting Line

November 1, 2010

     As pole workers prepare for the mid-term elections and citizens decide who they will vote for my greatest concern is what will happen to everyone that has become involved in the campaign and election cycle for the first time in their lives.

     Although I was not politically “awake” during the first midterm elections of President Clinton, I have studied that election cycle and I see some striking similarities.  With President Clinton we had a President that was socially popular but fiscally unpopular.  Many Clinton voters thought he would be more moderate than liberal in policies affecting the economy, jobs and foreign trade.

     Fast forward sixteen years.  We have a President that promised “Hope and Change” as well as a promise to bring everyone together to fundamentally transform our Nation.  In the first two years of Obama’s Presidency he managed to ignite an inferno of rebellious uprisings across the Nation from people that like the fundamentals of our Nation.

     So here we are with Election Day within view and the possibility of an overwhelming victory for Republicans.  Some estimates show Republicans gaining more than fifty seats in Congress and possibly as many as ten seats in the U.S. Senate.  It is almost a given that Congress will be turned over to the Republicans and within hope that they can take back the Senate.

     Although relatively new, the Tea Party movement has been a major factor in this election cycle.  For citizens in the Greenville, SC area it would be hard to forget the effect the Tea Party had on several incumbents and candidates.  U.S. Congressman Gresham Barrett was booed by a crowd of ten thousand at the second Tea Party event held in Greenville because of his vote supporting the financial bailout.  Later, Barrett became a candidate for South Carolina Governor and lost the primary to a political outsider.  U.S. Congressman Bob Inglis faced even greater competition in his bid for re-election.  When targeted by RINO Hunt, Inglis said “I’m not worried.  By the primaries cooler heads will prevail”.  Congressman Inglis lost his re-election bid in the primary.  South Carolina Speaker ProTempore Harry Cato was unseated when Tea Party supporters aligned with another political outsider.  Now many in the Tea party movement have set their sights on replacing Bobby Harrell as South Carolina Speaker of the House as well as a few other “long-shot” races.

     Recently I was asked by a family member how we can get better government.  After thinking about it for a moment, I responded we must become better citizens.  For nearly three years I have tried to become a better citizen by becoming more involved and learning how our government works.  Much of what I have learned is not taught in school and I have made some mistakes along the way.  I have learned to always ask several major questions concerning politics and politicians; who, what, when, where and why?  I believe that if we ask these questions and research to find the answers we will become better citizens and be rewarded with better government.  It is my sincere hope that I may inspire others to do the same.  Yes, we will make some mistakes along the way, but not as big of a mistake as not becoming involved at all.

     So, I ask you the question, are you at the Finish Line or the Starting Line. 

     Please visit www.rinohunt.netand join a truly conservative organization that is working to resist socialism, rebuild conservative government and restore our Constitution.  Please send this newsletter to your friends and family to help spread the word.  RINO season is here.



Harry Kibler

Founder, RINO HUNT

















News Letter

October 13, 2009

     By now you have heard that Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.  There have been other American Presidents that have won this award; Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter.  These Presidents have a lot in common.  Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest President at that time.  He was widely known as a “progressive”.  It is accepted that this time period was the beginning of the movement to regulate businesses.  Some of the regulatory agencies created during this time were the Interstate Commerce Commission, Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission.  Some journalists, known as Muckrakers, encouraged their readers to demand more and more regulations on businesses.   Woodrow Wilson was also known as a Progressive.  During his administration more agencies were created including the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve.  Wilson later regretted creating the Federal Reserve and stated; "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -Woodrow Wilson Then in 1977 Jimmy Carter became President.  He was also a progressive.  He created more agencies of the federal government, such as the Department of Energy and the Department of Education. He also created a national energy policy that included conservation and price control.

     As the proverb says, the more things change the more they stay the same.  It seems the presenters of the Nobel Peace Prize recognize the progressive movement as being an important part of Presidential qualifications.  Alfred Nobel was also known as a poet.  The first surviving edition of Nemesis was published in bilingual Swedish-Esperanto.  Esperanto has been placed in many proposed political situations. The most popular of these is the Europe – Democracy – Esperanto, which aims to establish Esperanto as the official language of the European Union. The Irish political party Éirígí has recently adopted the green star as its emblem partly in support of Esperanto as an international language instead of English. (Taken from Wikipedia)  George Soros, who speaks Esperanto fluently, is the son of Tivadar Soros, a Hungarian Jewish doctor and founder of the Esperanto literary magazine Literatura Mondo – “Literacy World”.  Soros has an extensive background in currency trading and in 1992, during “Black Wednesday” in England; he earned an estimated $1.1 billion and was described as "the man who broke the Bank of England." 

     In 2004 Soros donated more than $23 million to various groups to defeat George Bush’s reelection.  His donations supported numerous progressive groups throughout the nation.  After Bush’s reelection, Soros backed a new group called Democracy Alliance which supports the goals of the Democrat party.  Soros also supported the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act in 2002, which limits money given directly to candidate or political parties.  Instead, money is given to community organizers and political action committees where they can support a candidate and use funds to run negative ads against the opposing candidate.  A reasonable person must ask why any Republican would agree with; much less co-sponsor a bill that would shift support to the Democrat party.

     As state before, some things never change.  We have a progressive President, U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate and State Legislature and we are moving in the same direction as we have since the beginning of the progressive movement.  We also still have complaisant journalists (Muckrakers) and media agencies asking their readers and viewers to demand even more government involvement into the lives of every American citizen.  We also have a relatively new problem in the form of RINO politicians.  These Republican In Name Only politicians are largely at fault for the usurpation of power and dismantling of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  When Republicans don’t defend the Constitution, and consistently offer bipartisan support of Democrat legislation we have lost the balance of power.  Every time a government agency or national policy is implemented, citizens lose freedom and money to provide for their families.  The anger of the Tea Party activists (I am one) is misdirected.  Democrats are simply holding to their belief that government is the answer to every problem.  Just as a lion will always seek its prey, Democrats will always favor Socialism and Communism.  Our anger needs to be used effectively to remove the Republican incumbents that have sold us out in favor of progressive ideologies.  Our Republic is in critical condition and is on life support.  Don’t waste time trying to train a lion to live in harmony with the gazelle, use your anger to motivate real change in the Republican Party by defeating the RINO incumbents and replacing them with true conservatives that will honor the oath to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution and liberties.           

     Please visit and join a truly conservative organization that is working to resist socialism, rebuild conservative government and restore our Constitution.  Please send this newsletter to your friends and family to help spread the word.  RINO season is here.





News Letter

October 6, 2009

     As dissatisfaction grows with both political parties, there must be a plan to recover conservative values and constitutional government in our State and Nation.  For example, in the South Carolina legislature we have a majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate.  However, we do not have a majority of conservative, constitutionally dedicated legislators.  In order for South Carolinians to prosper, we must make a change in leadership.

     Everyone has a plan for change.  Most of us have heard about “Change you can believe in”.  Let me ask, how is that change working so far?  Starting with the Bush administration we have watched billions of our tax money used for bailouts.  Where is the change?  With Obama we have heard about “shovel ready” jobs and billions of dollars in “stimulus” plans.  The only thing that was shovel ready was the shovel that was ready to dig our way farther into debt and face us with huge tax increases to repay borrowed money.  In South Carolina we were told that we must accept the stimulus money because we would have to repay it regardless and that we needed it to keep teachers in our schools, police officers on the streets and criminals behind bars.  Was our State in such financial trouble that that we were going to lose these positions without bailout money?  What happened to the cash cow that promised to fix our education system, the Educational State Lottery?  It was educational; we reduced the amount of money from the general budget and replaced it with lottery money.  What happened to the money that used to pay for education? 

     By accepting stimulus money South Carolina was forced to expand unemployment benefits.  As soon as the federal money is spent, our State will then have to raise taxes to continue the federally mandated increase in benefits.  This is just one example of why South Carolina needs to exert its sovereignty as defined in the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  The issues are numerous, but most of them should be decided by the States not Washington D.C. 

     At the end of the last legislative session our State Senate failed to pass a sovereignty resolution that would have formally reminded the federal government that South Carolina is a sovereign State and the powers of the federal government are limited by the Constitution.  Since the federal government has consistently passed legislation that violates the Constitution and tramples on States rights, this resolution would have paved the way to reign in the federal government.  However, our Republican legislature did not have the will to get the resolution passed.  Many have asked why they did not pass the resolution.  I believe the answer lies in the dedication to the oath of office.  Each member of the House and Senate took the following oath; “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I am duly qualified, according to the Constitution of this State, to exercise the duties of the office to which I have been elected, (or appointed), and that I will, to the best of my ability, discharge the duties thereof, and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of this State and of the United States.  So help me God.”  Our elected officials took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of this State and of the United States.  Rarely do they even refer to our Constitution when drafting legislation and passing laws.  Did you notice the last part of the Tenth Amendment, “Or to the people”?  The people have power, power to change.  We must use that power now, while we still have it.

     While most conservative people are banging their heads against the wall in anger at the Democrats who control the U.S. Congress and Senate, they ignore the elephant in the room.  The power of the federal government is limited and the States have the ultimate power to govern.  Since our State has a majority of Republicans, who should we blame for not asserting our sovereignty and reining in the power that Washington is taking?  The answer is our own Republican State controlled legislature.  You know, the “good ole boys” in Columbia, SC.  You know the good ole boys that override nearly every budget veto that the Governor has ever issued.  These same good ole boys will now stand up and tell us how conservative they are, especially now that an election is coming up in 2010.

     Common sense tells us that if we keep doing the same thing we will get the same result.  As you know, South Carolina’s economy is taking on water and sinking fast.  Nationally, unemployment is at its highest level since the Great Depression with South Carolina being the second highest in the nation.  Do you think Washington is going to fix it?  We can make huge improvements by following the Constitution and using our sovereignty right here in South Carolina.  Several months ago I started reaching out to every conservative group in South Carolina.  There are dozens of these groups fighting for a conservative government that will abide to the Constitution.  Over the last few months we have developed several documents of draft legislation that will steer our State back onto the rails of a Constitutional Republic.  Acknowledging that we have a majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate and that many of these Republicans are not preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution, we must make a change of leadership in Columbia, SC. 

     We need your help to make change happen in Columbia, SC.  Having formed a coalition with many conservative groups and working together with one goal, we can make a difference by using the power of our money, voices and our vote.  We can remove the incumbent politicians and replace them with people that will preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.  This is where we need your help.  The first thing you can do is read the Constitution.  The U.S. Constitution and the South Carolina State Constitution can be found on our website.  You will soon find out just how far off course we are.  The next thing you can do is withhold all donations from incumbent politicians that do not honor their oath of office.  Next, you can join the RINO HUNT and financially support our mission.  Although times are tough now, they will only get tougher if we keep the same ineffective people in these positions.  Many of these politicians have ulterior motives for doing what they do.  Sweetheart deals, backroom agreements and just plain corruption that rob you and me from our ability to provide for our families.  Did you know millions of our taxes went towards building a green bean museum?  Now that is mixing vegetables with pork spending.

     Please visit and join a truly conservative organization that is working to resist socialism, rebuild conservative government and restore our Constitution.  Please send this newsletter to your friends and family to help spread the word.  RINO season is here.










News Letter

October 20, 2009

Global Climate Change and the Copenhagen Climate Treaty

     Most Americans have heard about global warming, climate change and the Cap and Trade Bill.  However, many do not understand what this is about.  To understand, you must step back and have a clear understanding of communism.  Communism is a socioeconomic idea that establishes a system of power that proclaims that all people should be equal and should have the same political, economic and social values.  When communism fell it was not defeated, it simply morphed into a new, more palatable design.  As Americans, we believe that education, working hard and being honest will lead to success.  We believe that definition of success because we have lived under a Constitutional Republic that limited the power of our government to tax and punish those that succeed.  Keep in mind communism was not defeated and it did not die.

     Under the guise of saving the environment the social structure of communism has been increasing and is gaining more power.  Under communism, there are only two classes; the ruling class and the peasant class or surfs as some describe.  The ruling class will dictate everything from food, employment, and housing to religious faith.  Slowly but surely the U.S. is becoming entangled in the ideology of communism.  Take a look at what has happened just over the last year.  We have had a “housing crisis” that was designed by the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.  They were the ones that created laws demanding mortgages be given to unqualified borrowers.  Then bailouts to the very banks and mortgage industries that made the loans.  This happened at the same time that Congress changed the law to limit personal bankruptcy and make it more difficult.  Once again the elite were protected and the peasant class became poorer.

     Now, under the guise of saving the planet we will be taxed at rates that no one can imagine.  You may ask where this money will go.  The premise is to tax the industrialized nations for their pollution and to assist less industrialized nations build their economy.  Since all economies need energy, and most energy is created from fossil fuels, where will they get their energy from?  The answer is the global warming folks don’t care.  Once they have the money they will siphon it to their pockets and tell everyone they are working on “renewable” energy; renewable energy like windmills, solar, and hydrogen.  Global warming and climate change is simply the new communist idea of controlling food, employment, housing and religious beliefs.  In fact, global warming should be considered as a faith or religion.  Faith is described as the substance of things not seen but hoped for.

     Our President will be attending a summit on climate change in December where he is expected to sign a treaty that will bind the citizens of the U.S.  This treaty will give the United Nations authority to levy taxes on U.S. citizens.  Once signed and ratified it will have precedence over our Constitution.  It will in effect, relinquish what is left of our National Sovereignty.  Do you believe our current Senate will ratify this treaty?  During the Clinton administration the Kyoto Protocol was signed but never ratified by the Senate because of little support.  With our new President and majority Democrat Senate that support is now available.  The only way to be removed from the treaty is for the other members to agree.  Since the U.S. will be largest contributor, this will never be allowed.  You can watch part of the President's speech at the U.N. conference.

     This is why it is imperative that true conservatives and anyone that believes in the Constitution should be working towards removing RINO incumbents from every elected office.  Capitalism did not fail; it was sabotaged and strangled by self serving politicians not only in Washington D.C., but in every State legislature.  Our State legislatures have the power to limit the Federal government; they choose not to use that power.  What will happen to your job when energy costs rise 40%?  What will you do when you power bill, gas and heating increases 40%?  You too will find yourself as a peasant in the hands of the ruling class.

     Please visit and join a truly conservative organization that is working to resist socialism, rebuild conservative government and restore our Constitution.  Please send this newsletter to your friends and family to help spread the word.  RINO season is here.






News Letter

July 3, 2010

Take It Back

     It has been a while since I’ve published a newsletter so we have some catching up to do.  For those who may not have known, I became a candidate for Greenville County Council several months ago.  If I would have known how much fun it was going to be I would have done it years ago and if I had known how much work it was going to be I may not have done it at all.  It was truly a great experience and one I will never forget.  I feel as though I completed a crash course in politics and earned an associate’s degree from the school of hard knocks.  I am eager to share the lessons learned during my campaign, but that will have to wait for the right time and place.

     In September of 2009 we had our first public event of the RINO Hunt.  It was held at a Fuddruckers restaurant in Greenville, SC.  Congressman Bob Inglis was holding a town hall event he calls “let’s talk”.  The restaurant was packed with the Congressman’s constituents.  Although I had some friends inside during the meeting I never went in.  Instead, I stayed outside with my truck.  You see, in the bed of my truck was a toilet bolted to a wooden box to make it high enough for everyone to see.  Turned upside down in the bowel of the toilet was a mannequin type figure wearing dress paints and shoes.  Above the toilet was a sign that read “Flush Bob Inglis”!  Several RINO Hunters stood near the busy roadside holding signs that said “Honk to Flush Bob”.  Most of the traffic passing by tooted their horns, gave us a thumbs-up or waived in approval.  We knew we were on to something.

     Inside, the crowd was giving Congressman Clueless the what for.  As the constituents explained why they were unhappy, the Congressman smiled politely.  He then defended his positions and explained that the people just didn’t understand and he knew what was best for us.  This continued time after time as the people tried to get him to understand that he was supposed to represent their views in Congress, not have him represent his views when he came back home.  Needless to say, the “let’s talk” became more of a let’s shout.

     Just before the meeting started a nice young lady approached me and introduced herself as a reporter for National Public Radio.  She asked me to explain what the purpose of the toilet was.  I told her it was political theater with a serious message.  She asked what RINO stood for and why I considered Congressman Inglis a RINO.  She also asked if he was the only one.  Of course I told her that there were many RINOs to choose from, but Bob was the first one we chose to retire in Congress.  After she asked several more questions she went inside to the meeting.  You can read the story and listen to the audio by clicking on this Link.

     After the meeting was over the reporter interviewed Congressman Inglis.  After asking him about the tenor and tone of the meeting and the RINO Hunt complete with toilet outside, Congressman Clueless responded by saying “he was not worried and he believed that by the time the primary rolled around cooler heads would prevail”.  Maybe he should have worried, or at least listened to the people.  On June 8th, Bob found himself in a run-off election.  Two weeks later, Bob was retired with his challenger getting 71% of the vote.         

     During this same period of time the RINO Hunt and toilet also followed U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham around from place to place during his appearances.  Here in South Carolina, we don’t appreciate Senator Graham for many reasons; supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, apologizing to Racist groups like La Raza (which means “The Race”), calling those of us who want border security and immigration enforcement bigots Link, supporting the Cap and Trade wealth redistribution scheme and also for publicly stating on a local radio station that we sent him to Washington to do what he thinks should be done not what we think should be done.

     On Thursday an article titled “Lindsey Graham, This Year’s Maverick” was published by the NY Time Magazine Link .  There are several definitions for the word maverick, none of which applies to Graham.  A maverick is an unbranded animal or person; one that refuses to abide to dictates or is a dissenter; or one who is independent.  Graham has gleefully accepted the brand of the progressive liberals that are destroying the foundation of our nation.  He willfully abides within the safety of others that mock our constitution and disrespect our laws.  As for being independent, how is agreeing with John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Ted Kennedy or Obama independent?  No, Graham is not unique; he is just another oath breaking, closet liberal hiding in the GOP.  Graham is so much a liberal, the Democrat Party said he is the best Democrat they could get in South Carolina.  He represents the very things our founding fathers warned us about.  

     In the article, you will find numerous times where he acknowledges the RINO Hunt and belittles the Tea Party movement.  In fact, he even offered to help my opponent during my race for County Council; an opponent that is a local smaller version of a RINO.  Senator Graham states in the article that the Tea Party wants to “take back” our nation, but we wouldn’t know what to do with it once we got it back.  Graham, similar to Inglis thinks he knows what’s best and we the people should just work our butts off, pay our taxes and shut up; let the elites in Washington the District of Corruption rule our lives.  He like many other pompous politicians thinks he is a ruler; he’s a Representative of the people.  Just as Congressman Clueless, Graham should worry, because we the people are coming and we are looking for him.  The Tea Party or as I prefer to call it, the Freedom movement has many great ideas for how to govern this great nation and every one of these ideas is centered on the constitution and limited government.  I personally believe we could blindly go through the phonebook and pick five hundred forty six names to replace our U.S. Senate, Congress, Supreme Court, President and Vice President and they could do a better job than what we have now.  If Graham really believes we are so dumb and he is so smart, I would love to challenge him to a public debate to discuss our solutions as compared to his.

     So what do we do to Take It Back?  Well, it is already happening throughout the nation and right here at home.  Get involved.  Read the Constitution.  Read Rules for Radicals; it’s being used against us ever day.  Become a member of a local citizen’s group and attend their meetings.  Talk to and invite other people to get involved.  This sounds a lot like community organizing doesn’t it?

     You don’t want to miss the next meeting of the RINO Hunt.  There will not be any candidates or politicians, just us paranoid, God fearing, Gun clinging patriots; you know those right-wing dangerous radicals that Janet Incomptitano warned about.  Radicals like returning soldiers, anti-abortionists, traditional marriage supporters, limited government supporters and constitutionalists.  We will discuss the implementation of plans that will Take It Back.

     Our next meeting will be July 23, 2010 at Denny’s Restaurant 2521 Wade Hampton Blvd. Greenville, SC.  Map  The meeting will start at 6:00 PM.  Bring someone new and receive a free pocket Constitution.

     Now, let’s Take It Back.  If not you then who, if not now then when.  What will you tell your kids or grandkids in twenty years when we have spent their future and left them with socialism?

     Please visit and join a truly conservative organization that is working to resist socialism, rebuild conservative government and restore our Constitution.  Please send this newsletter to your friends and family to help spread the word.  RINO season was a success, but they are still overpopulated and we need to thin the herd.